Learning Tree

Thank you for your interest in First United Methodist’s The Learning Tree. Our name, First United Methodist’s Learning Tree, tell a great deal about our aims and purposes. The school is an extension of the ministry and program of First United Methodist Church. The stated purpose of this ministry is to provide settings and experiences for initial academic learning, social adjustment and character quality development in a specifically Christian atmosphere. EDUCATIONAL AIMS The learning experiences offered by The Learning Tree are planned and evaluated in terms of specific goals for the development of each child. The educational aims of the school include:  to enrich the child’s experience by providing group stimulation and participation. 

to enable the child to deal with the group life, using his/her unique abilities, but adapting to group situations as a part of the maturing process. 

to enrich the child’s participation in the life and work of the church fellowship and to expand the experiences of learning from the Sunday School to the weekday setting. 

to enable the child to recognize the needs and feelings of others; to learn to give and receive from others through social experience; to find acceptable ways of solving problems. 

to develop a degree of self-confidence and independence reasonable for the age.